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Project Life 2015

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#21 janygb143


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Posted 30 November 2014 - 07:24 PM

I struggle with this too - losing the "everyday" stories, so I'm trying to capture some in my 5 Year Journal or just in a notebook so I can go back and make individual layouts later, rather than PL. (Though I also use the little entries in my 5 year journal to fill in extra spaces in my PL as well.). But still, I don't want to go back to weekly, because I also don't want more than one album for a year!

@legalmemories and anandi, have you thought about adding 3x4 inserts or baseball card page protectors to capture the everyday moments? I use baseball card protectors and cut down a stack of little cards that I just grab whenever I have a random thought to add that doesn't apply to a monthly "event".
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#22 bestcee


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Posted 30 November 2014 - 08:31 PM

I will continue on with Project Life in 2015. I'll keep scrapping {digital} 12 x 12, but I may print in a smaller format. I don't plan on changing much overall. I do plan on organizing a little better this month so I can find certain brushes, and stamps that are more PL based. I got lucky and started PL right before a ton of life changes in 2013. Next year, I know for sure we will be moving, DH will be graduating nursing school, and we will start homeschooling. I definitely want to capture the way our lives change, so I'll keep doing it.


For me, I feel like knowing my PL is done means I don't have to worry about any other layouts. The overview is done, and if I want (and I usually do!) to do more pages I can. But if I don't get to it, it's ok. I do feel like I have a lot of freedom with digital - I don't have to stick to certain templates and that allows be to be as creative as I want to be. I'm not the kind of person that could do one or two choices over and over. That's just not me.

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#23 pattipanda



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Posted 18 December 2014 - 01:18 PM

I have never started a PL album and i am going to give it ago in 2015, just for the same reason some of you are going back to page lo or other stuff, it's new for me and something to try.

#24 Tiffany W

Tiffany W

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Posted 18 December 2014 - 08:52 PM

I started Project life this year for the first time. I have done a lot, but I feel burned out. My plan is to try it digitally this year with the app and then print a photobook through Shutterfly at the end of the year. Easy Peasy, lemon squeezey.

#25 Laura


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Posted 19 December 2014 - 09:22 PM

I did a 6x8 PL album this year (although I can't say it's actually "done", as I'm WAY behind). I do it monthly, with as many spreads as are necessary for the month as I need. I find the pockets very confining. I'm going to try the Heidi Swapp planner for 2015. Not so much as an actual planner, but more to record what we did, after the fact. We'll see how that goes....

#26 JDKelly


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Posted 11 January 2015 - 11:02 AM

I am really torn. Before I started PL, I was hardly scrapbooking at all. It took so long to do a 12x12 LO, I had a hard time starting a page. With project life, I found that I could do small bits at a time. It was much more managable for me and I got into a good flow. I starting using PL when I had my first son and it has been awesome for capturing our life at this stage. I am considering moving to monthly spreads this year, to reduce the amount of time I spend on it and the size of album I have at the end of the year. I hope to spend more time doing 12x12 LO's in 2015.
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#27 Trrrracey


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Posted 22 January 2015 - 08:45 AM

I did PL in 2011 as a 365 project (plus extra 6x12 inserts for events with more photos). It was super fun, but I would never want to try to keep up with something like that year after year. Not to mention that it filled two complete albums, so it's not easy on the shelf-space.  Since that project, I consider doing a simpler version of PL every year, but my personality tends toward all-or-nothing projects and consistent patterns, so my thinking is that I might do the 365 version of the project every five years (attempting it again in 2016). That way, I can look through those albums and see the drastic changes in my and my family's life every five years. In between, I'm most interesting in continuing to scrap layouts of events and the occasional "everyday" type of story.

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#28 Noell



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Posted 03 February 2015 - 04:41 PM

I haven't committed to doing a 2015 PL yet b/c I first want to see what the Heidi Swapp Memory Planner will leave for me to put into my PL. And those planners aren't available yet (for those of us who didn't get them through Studio Calico).

Once I get that planner and work in it for a bit it will give me an idea of what I'll want to do with PL.

#29 joblackford


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Posted 03 February 2015 - 07:02 PM

I stayed up to date working on 6x8" PL in a weekly format for 2 years! (nearly a miracle for this habit-challenged person)

This year I decided to move to a bigger size but do fewer pages. I'm doing PL as and when I feel like it - if there's a photo I want to include I do. If I feel like making a "currently" card I do. No set schedule. I was worried that I would fill MORE pages that way but so far I've been more selective. If I do end up wanting to include everything once life gets busier again I can do one side of a baseball card page with 9 images or stories and that will be one more than I could fit on a 6x8" two page spread. So I should be able to get everything into one album for the year. 

I'm using 8.5x11" which is imperfect, but a good compromise. I wanted to do 9x12 but I felt like I was being held hostage by SC's timeline (which was "soon" for months!), low stock levels, and their proprietary ring system, forcing me to exclusively deal with them for page protectors. No thanks. They're a good company in general, but I want to have more options. 

I'm frustrated because 9x12 makes so much sense - you can put a 4x6 next to a 3x4! 12x12 had never been an option for me, space-wise.

But 8.5x11 is working fine and I can print full pages on my regular printer and never deal with 12" paper (I have storage issues and hate those big sheets). White cardstock all the way. 

I am including PL, One Little Word and Story kit based (hybrid) layouts in this binder all together. I haven't made layouts in forever, so this is a fun new direction, doing layouts for the themes and stories I want bigger, and PL cards for the small stuff. And because Letter sized binders are standardized I can buy protectors from amazon that are meant for trading card, coin and currency collectors. I got a page with three 3x8" pockets which I'm trying for medium sized stories (I don't do layouts with one tiny photo on a big page of white space - not my style). And I've found some templates to use to make Letter sized pages. So far, so good! 

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#30 hannaly



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Posted 26 February 2015 - 02:56 PM

I am new to pocket scrapbooking. I'm not doing Project Life, as such, but a themed album.  I am struggling with the transition from traditional scrapbooking, which I've done for a long long time.  I really appreciate everyone's honesty on this thread; it's helped me a lot as a I think about what kind of commitment I'm willing and able to make.  I was attracted to pocket scrapbooking by the notion that pages could be done more quickly than in traditional scrapbooking and I think that it's true and not true.  If all we do is put pictures into pockets, then sure, it goes quickly. But that's not fun for me.  If I start to really plan out design principles that I use in traditional scrapbooking, like the rule of threes and color theory, then I pretty quickly move into more time-consuming territory.  And it can be even more time-consuming than traditional scrapbooking, because I feel bound, to some extent, by the grid pattern on the page protector.  So - sorry for the long post, but you can see that I'm in the throes of trying to find my style with pocket scrapbooking and understand that it will not simply be the same as it is in traditional scrapbooking.  Pocket scrapbooking is a different beast and will require a different style, to some extent. I will hang in there playing with it, pushing it around into a kind of hybrid mode, but I am not sure what my final verdict will be, for me!

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#31 hannaly



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Posted 02 March 2015 - 06:13 AM

I have just started doing Project Life and I'm doing a themed album rather than a chronological album.  I have been a traditional scrapbooker for many years and the transition to the structure of the grid pages of pocket scrapbooking has been a challenge for me.  I've been reading a lot of forums about PL and listening to podcasts, and I'm struck by the extent to which people feel burdened by the expectation of doing PL on a regular basis, whether that's daily or weekly or monthly, or whatever.  I really appreciate the posts on this Forum by people who talk about their flexibility, changing their strategies and scheduling as their lives change.  I know that once I make a plan for myself it can be difficult to remember that I am the one who made the plan and I can change it!  

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