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Posted 22 July 2014 - 10:43 PM

Another question about design teams: when looking at candidate blogs, is it a plus to have a multi-faceted blog (mine is mostly photography and crafting, with occasional recipes or DIY)? Or do most manufacturers/brands prefer DT members with blogs exclusively about scrapbooking / card making / crafting? Thanks in advance! 


That's another thing that may differ with each company.


Personally? I think it's great to find a blog that has more than just scrapbooking/papercrafting. I'm viewing from a marketing standpoint and the idea of reaching more potential customers via a well rounded blog, would be appealing. 


But... again... every company and manufacturer is a little different in what they are looking for. Sometimes it's based off who they already have on their team, etc. in order to make it well rounded. 


I say... keep sticking with what you enjoy posting! It should always be enjoyable for you. :) 


P.S. I like your blog too!

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Posted 08 October 2014 - 03:17 PM

I have been following this thread for awhile and want to chime in . . . I just recently decided to pursue some DT submissions.  My blog doesn't have a huge following and I think that has kept me from being successful.  I am working at posting more regularly and have followed some of the tips given above.  I thought about the companies that have products that I have used and that I like and am now watching for their DT annoucements. 


I had my first success by being selected to Anything But A Card challenge blog.  I love altering things, as well as making cards and layouts.  To me anything is game on to be inked or transformed!  I think my success there was due to projects that had not been done before within that blog community.  My style is different the others on the DT and in this case this may have been the deciding factor. 


Then I just happened upon the Imagine Crafts (Tsukineko) annoucement after my latest rejection.  I thought long and hard, and worked on a submission.  Decided I would do another one . . . and submitted that for the first round.  I was pleasantly surprised, (elated more like it acutally!) to have been selected for the first round of AIR (Artist In Residence). Here is the annoucement  :D  http://imaginecrafts...ideo-tutorials/  The application allowed me to submit my blog AND other online work.  For me this was a key as I've been a part of a private forum for about 8 years.  I would post to my gallery there and had all my stuff on photobucket.  The application allowed me to link to those albums, which I "prettied up" with captions and descriptions.  I was also able to photograph a number of projects/cards/layouts I've never posted before and loaded them into photobucket.  It seems that this team is looking for those who create simple easy to re-create projects AND others who do complex multi-step artwork pieces.  I also posted the first project I had considered submitting on my blog the same day the applications were due.  Thus I showcased myself in both ways.  I did my research as to the style of the company, which companies work with them, and how the blog tutorials are written and tailored my submission to match.  They selected 34 for the Round One, and 14 are returning AIRs, with the current team only having 17 members.  I know that I most likely won't make it the first time, but since it is a company/product I like, I am willing to go through the process and if needed try again.


Thanks everyone for your hints and tips.  If you are interested please come check out my blog, I am doing some fun stuff. :wub:

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Posted 09 October 2014 - 12:40 AM

Since I started my own blog with a creative team, I learnt a lot about applications! Reading others' applications and looking at their blogs thinking "would THEY be a great fit for MY blog?" was a very interesting experience for me, because it helped me to imagine what people might think when looking at my own blog when I apply for DT...


The not so pleasing side of hosting a DT call is of course having to choose... This is so hard! Last time, I would have loved to keep everybody but of course, I couldn't...


I know that my opinion probably doesn't count a lot, as my current DT call is only for a (recent) blog and not for a manufacturer, but here it is: the very first thing I look at is the photos of the projects. I don't want professional quality, but the photos need to be good, with true colors.


The second thing is about the person's work: am I looking for this kind of work ? I know that right now, I would love to have different styles in my creative team. Sometimes, people only apply if they think that they fit the call, while maybe people behind the call are looking for something different!


Lots of people also think they don't have a style, but I can tell you this is not true: people often can't see their own style but most of people have one.


If you want to be part of a big team, starting by a smaller team can be a good thing, and this is the reason: you proved that you could assume the team work. Lots of people are enthousiast at the beginning (as if their main goal was only to "make it" !), but quickly forget the requirements...

A big team needs to be sure of you, and if you assumed a smaller blog DT, it's a good point for you.

Nothing worse than people who give up during their term or who always forget their due date! (Of course, we are all humans and life happens, but what can easily be understood once start to be problematic when all the time, know what I mean?)


Finally, I would say one last thing: don't be shy! Apply even if it's a big team, you can never know what they are looking for! Apply and forget. Maybe you will be surprised? BUT only apply for a team you're really interested by. So always feel free to ask questions about what they are waiting for.


Oh, and if you want to try a small DT... Why not looking at this DT call below? :) This could be the first step for you for something bigger later! :)


Scrap Your Scraps DT CALL

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